BREAKOUT ONE: CARTOON NETWORK - Working at Cartoon Network 

Cartoon Network’s HR team will give a portfolio how to guide for the first half of this session. Development Staff will come in for the second and share what their journey has been like working at CN and the responsibilities of an Animation Director there. 

BREAKOUT TWO: BWA - Storyboarding is Directing with Rick & Morty Storyboard Artist  & BWA Producer Shawna Mills  

Shawna Mills has given advice to the best of them. Including a Fast & Furious film franchise director. Shawna has worked for Hulu, LucasFilm, DreamWorks, Sony, Nickelodeon and more. She will share her storyboarding expertise and establish how storyboard artists place a huge role in the directing process. 

BREAKOUT THREE: 9 STORY - Directing Live Action and Across Entertainment with 9 Story Media Group’s Halcyon Person

Halcyon Person has literally done it all. She has directed and wrote for animation and live action shows. She’s now at 9 Story working as a Head Writer on a children’s animated show. If you have several interests across animation especially on the children’s programming side, she will share the different paths directing can take you down.

BREAKOUT FOUR: DREAMWORKS - Diving Into Writing For Animation with Industry Vet Stacey Evans Morgan

Stacey Evans Morgan is a seasoned industry writer that was recently pulled to write for her first animated project for DreamWorks. If you’re a writer looking to break into animation or who wants to learn more about diving into the feature animation world as a writer this break out is for you


BREAKOUT SIX: The Ins and Outs of Directing Animation with Mulan II Director Lynne Southerland 

Lynne Southerland will share the logistics of directing - what a director does, and the people with whom she will collaborate - and also focus in on the creativity she brought to her own directing experience on Mulan 2.