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October 12, 2019
Cartoon Network, Los Angeles, CA 9:00AM - 6:00PM



BWA is committed to supporting pre-professional and professional Black women, women of color and nonbinary creatives of color in honing their craft, building their industry acumen and providing the resources and access needed to get paid work and in turn, elevate storytelling and inclusion in the industry.


We are bringing together BWA collective members and our extended community for a one day intensive bootcamp where industry experts and animation guru’s share their knowledge and wisdom to help our community Level Up and Direct Their Future!




BREAKOUT ONE: CARTOON NETWORK - Working at Cartoon Network 

Cartoon Network’s HR team will give a portfolio how to guide for the first half of this session. Development Staff will come in for the second and share what their journey has been like working at CN and the responsibilities of an Animation Director there. 

BREAKOUT TWO: BWA - Directing Your Project To Pilot with Rick & Morty Storyboard Artist  & BWA Producer Shawna Mills   

 Shawna Mills has given advice to the best of them. Including a Fast & Furious film franchise director. Shawna is a master who has worked for Hulu, LucasFilm, DreamWorks, Sony, Nickelodeon and more. She will share all the elements of getting your original idea the legs it needs to get greenlit. 

BREAKOUT THREE: 9 STORY - Directing and Writing Across Entertainment with 9 Story Media Group's Halcyon Person

Former live action director Halcyon Person is now working as the Head Writer of a kids’ animated TV show for 9 Story Media Group! She will share the different paths writing and directing can take you down. This class will provide guidance and insider industry knowledge for attendees with interests spanning animation, comedy, and children’s programming. 

BREAKOUT FOUR: DREAMWORKS - Diversifying Your Creative Portfolio As A TV Writer with Stacey Evans Morgan

Stacey Evans Morgan is a seasoned industry writer that was recently pulled to write for her first animated project for DreamWorks. If you’re a writer looking to break into animation, especially on the feature side, this break out is for you. 

BREAKOUT FIVE: DISNEY - Storyboarding is Directing! with Disney Storyboard Artist Kiana Khan Smith

Disney artist Kiana will share her storyboarding expertise and establish how storyboard artists play a huge role in the directing process.

BREAKOUT SIX: Directing Animation: From Desire to Vision with Mulan II Director Lynne Southerland 

Lynne Southerland will share the logistics of directing - what a director does, and the people with whom she will collaborate - and also focus in on the creativity she brought to her own directing experience on Mulan 2. 


Resilience, Impact and Allyship with BWA Managing Partner JLove Calderón

Owning The Table with BWA Founder & CEO Taylor K. Shaw



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After your application is reviewed and accepted, you will be invited to enter our shorts competition.

Enter our animated shorts competition with a piece that’s 5 minutes or less! Attendees are invited to submit a completed short form content piece prior to our Bootcamp. A group of esteemed judges will choose the winner, plus runner up and third place. The winner will have her/their short screened at the end of the conference to kick off the mix and mingle session.


Toon Boom Harmony License

Meet & Greet with Illumination Entertainment HR & Development Teams

And more!



Connie Thompson
Warner Animation Group

Kelly Harper
Development Executive,
Comedy Central

Latifah Ouaou
Executive Producer,

Nicole Rivera
Director of Original Series Development,
Cartoon Network

Halcyon Person
Head Writer,
9 Story

Kari Kim
VP Animation Development, Nickelodeon





The BWA Boot Camp is the first of many training and development initiatives Black Women Animate has developed to build skills, empower, and hire our base. As we further develop these initiatives, we would love to stay connected with you. Apply now to join us at the Boot Camp and become a member of BWA!

FREE & REQUIRED APPLICATION for entry into the Black Women Animate Boot Camp. All guests must be 18 and older unless accompanied by a guardian.